Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things I want to do this year

I don't really like making new year's resolutions. I think that those sorts of decisions and goals shouldn't be reserved to a one-time, year-long commitment. Also, I don't like setting myself up to fail. I like setting goals that I know I can reach. Call me gutless, but that's how I do.

Of course, I have some fairly lofty goals for myself in the coming year. I want to finally finish at least one of my manuscripts so I can start rewrites. Maybe it won't be the first novel I publish, but it will be the first novel I finish, not counting the 300-handwritten-page epic I wrote about Hanson when I was 16. Oh yes, you read that right. Details may or may not be available upon request. Sadly, the notebooks in which I wrote this masterpiece are somewhere in my parents' house in Maine. The world suffers.

I also promised the boyfriend I would learn to drive this year. I'm really really REALLY terrified of driving. I took driver's ed. just after turning 17. FYI my birthday is in December (I like presents) and I grew up in suburban Maine. Do the weather-math and you'll realize exactly what I was up against. Throw in my crotchety, nervous instructor and my soon-to-be-diagnosed bipolar disorder (questions welcome) and panic disorder (funsies!), you can see why I remain a pedestrian at 26. That's why I moved to New York after college. However, I now live in Austin, and Mark is sick of driving me everywhere. Crap. Pray for me/send any extra Valiums this way.

I want to learn to read faster. Is this sort of lame? Maybe. If only because I don't know if it's possible. But I basically want to read twice as many books as I read this year (I think it was like 40-50 but I don't have an official count) without actually spending more time reading. This is only because I don't think I could actually spend anymore time reading than I already do while maintaining a social life, eating, sleeping, and keeping my job without ripping a huge hole in the spacetime continuum. Sad Christmas. But my rate of book intake > rate at which I read books > rate at which I get rid of books. In fact that last bit stands at a fairly certain 0. Again, Mark is none too pleased that when we move in a couple of weeks half of our boxes will be filled with words.

I want to walk more. Because a) Texas makes you fat and b) walking makes you un-fat. Also, carbon footprint blah blah blah. I already take the bus a ton, but walking is way more good for you. Plus, we're moving to a neighborhood where walking is more fun. Right now we live off a major roadway and there's really nowhere to walk to. Plus, most of the streets are dead ends and cul-de-sacs. So new place = more walking.

And, of course, an important goal for this year is to finish watching ALL SEVEN SEASONS of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know I can accomplish this goal, since I bought the ENORMOUS box set and started watching it with Mark last week. Despite his initial protests, he's now as addicted as 16-year-old me was. We are halfway through season two and are having so much fun with it. Why can't Buffy still be on the air? The world would be a better place, you know it.


  1. I've never watched Buffy which is just mind-boggling in and of itself.
    As for reading faster, when you figure out how, please let me know. Does it take the pleasure of reading or add to it?

  2. really, who has valiums to spare these days?

  3. PJ, I have no idea if it would hurt or help the enjoyment. I'd like to think it would help it, since i'd then be able to enjoy more books! But a part of me wonders if, when speed reading, you're really absorbing all the good stuff. And, for the love of all things awesome, get yerself some Buffy!

    And Ryan, I was hoping someone might have some. But it is unlikely :(

  4. Yeap, haven't seen Buffy either, except for the musical episode which I laughed at without really knowing what was going on (:

    all good things that you want to do here, except I'm not sure about reading faster. I tend to speed read already, so I've been trying to make myself read slower to absorb all these literary-type books I keep getting recommended :/

  5. ooh - i want to read the hanson epic!

  6. When I finally watched Buffy two years ago, I watched all 7 seasons in 3 weeks. It was like crack!

    Since then, I've watched all 7 seasons another 3.8 times (we're currently on season 6) -- OOOH SPIKE!

    Not to mention Angel & Firefly, too...